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Set Realistic Resolutions for 2018

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Set Realistic Resolutions for 2018

A new year is always a great opportunity to start fresh, set new intentions and new fitness goals.  Whether it’s lifting heavier weights, going to class more frequently, or dropping the couple of pounds you put on over the sweet, sweet holiday season; those resolutions can seem difficult to achieve.  We’ve pulled together a list of some achievable resolutions that will help keep you motivated. Even better, goals like these can evolve over the year for continued growth.
First and foremost, stop comparing yourself to everyone around you.  Honestly.  Everyone starts somewhere; you don’t know how long the woman next to you has been attending Jazzercise classes.  If your arms are flailing and you’re struggling to follow the instructor, repeat after us: It. Is. Okay.
The woman next to you who’s got abs with more definition than a Webster’s Dictionary? She was a first-timer at one point and worked hard to get to where she’s at.  Take it as inspiration and proof that the program you’re in can get you to those goals!
Not sure where to start on your new fitness journey?  Begin with your calendar.  Start scheduling in 3 classes per week.  That’s enough to get you moving, and give some buffer time for recovery.  Once you get into the routine, it will be easy to add in more days as your schedule allows.
Did you know that only 20% of women meet the American Heart Association’s recommended physical activity guideline of 25 minutes of intense-aerobic activity 3 times per week? 
You can use the Jazzercise App to look ahead at class schedules, find your favorite instructors, try new class times, and add them to your calendar.  This will help you stay accountable.  Remember, this is your journey and no one else’s. 
Prevent gym-burn out and take advantage of variety.  Jazzercise offers over 10 different class formats to help keep your gym routine fresh and help prevent plateaus. Just getting back into a fitness regimen? Try different class formats with different instructors so you can find your favorite format. 
The Jazzercise App can help you navigate which classes are offered when.  Additionally, Jazzercise instructors receive new routines every 10 weeks – which means there’s constant variety and new ways to challenge your body at each of our locations.
You’re doing something positive for yourself, this is your happy hour so make sure you’re doing something you enjoy.  One of the best things about working out is the endorphin high you’ll receive.  Fitness should be treated as a journey – enjoy it!

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