August 2016

School’s in Session! Time to Get Back to Normal

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School’s in Session! Time to Get Back to Normal

The kids are back in school. Your hectic summer household that once was kids running in and out the door begging for lunch, snacks, swimsuits and sleepovers, is now steeped in unfamiliar calm and quiet. Let’s all take a deep, long breath. You made it through another summer. Go you!

The activation of the school year means the activation of the routine that let’s face it, sometimes feels all too routine. We think it’s a blessing in disguise. It means that while you might have to schedule it, you get a moment to yourself. A moment, perhaps, to fit in a little fitness. The perks of working out go so much further than fitting into your skinny jeans. From more energy to a faster metabolism, and even a more positive perspective on life, there’s basically no con to squeezing in a workout a couple times a week.

Driving the Kids

So how does one make time for exercise? Here’s how we do it:

The Drop-off: For parents who drop the kids off at school every morning, put your workout clothes on before leaving the house. You’re already geared up, so head to the gym or class to keep the morning momentum going and start the day off right!

The 1-2 Lunch: For office-bound parents, morning workouts can feel pretty impossible. We hear you. We like to drop into a lunchtime class to generate the energy that carries us through the afternoon.

Class Workout

Wine Not: So mornings and afternoons are completely out of the question. Stick with us, you’re still not alone. While there’s nothing we love more than a glass of vino after a long day, wine not save it for later. (See what we did there?) Grab your trainers and walk around the block – with the kids! – before dinner. It’ll help boost your metabolism, and aid you in letting go of the day’s stresses. You’ll also get a little conversation and stay active together.

Walking With Kids

These are just a couple of ways we recommend finding time for your workout. Even a few moments of each day to have some time to breathe, reflect and sweat can help you find a peaceful place that prepares you to handle anything.

For all you do, you, more than anyone, deserve some time to yourself. How will you spend it?

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